Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hakone Gardens w/my best bud and fav model

Once again, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to do a photo shoot with my best bud and fav model Stace at the lovely location of Hakone Gardens in Saratoga. Please, if you are ever in the area or even need a place of bliss to wind down, you must spend some time at Hakone Gardens. You can't help but feel recharged once you visit this hidden gem in the hills of Saratoga.

Stace was a true trooper dressing up in her traditional Chinese outfit. As you can imagine, with her beauty and strong presence, she attracted many onlookers but that did not deter her from allowing me to snap off a few shots.

Thank you again Stace for a great day and allowing me the honor of taking your picture yet once again.


Schmoo said...

Gorgeous. I love the one of her smelling the flowers. So peaceful and she chose the right colors to wear, too.

dadwtwins said...

Thanks Schmoo, we rummaged through her closet before the shoot.

We planned this as part of a ying yang series photo book we are making. One more photo series and hopefully we will have enough to make the coffee style photo book ;-)