Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Day of Tranquility

It has been a few years but it was time to visit my favorite acupuncturist Dr. Andrew Wu in Cupertino. My mom was suffering from a pinched syatic nerve and I needed to go in for my semi-annual check up. To add to the day of healing and tranquility, I also wanted to bring her to Hakone Gardens in Saratoga to witness the beautiful landscaping and to enjoy the peacefulness this place can bring to visitors.

Here is a picture of Dr. Wu and his assistant

Dr. Bi and his wife the pharmacist

This is super rare pictures of myself but i wanted to show everyone just how many needles were placed in me and where.

Just a few needles in my head

Here are a few in my tummy as well as some kind of wire hook up that connects some of the needles to a cactus....oh heard me right

After our treatment, we went to the gardens to relax and absorb some beautiful scenery.

I had a great day hanging out with my mom. I am so glad the weather cooperated and Dr. Wu was able to treat my mom. Crossing fingers that it will help her.

Thank you mom for a great day....I Love You.


Schmoo said...

Is that a burning marshmallow stuck in you??

dadwtwins said...

hahaha, looks like it. It is some sort of incense that also heats the needle to add a little boost to the therapy.