Sunday, March 28, 2010

Yosemite for a Day

My good friend John, his daughter and myself took a 250 mile long drive to visit Yosemite for a half of day. It may sound odd but I really wanted to try to capture Yosemite before the snow melted. As we drove through the valley floor, it was painfully obvious that almost all of the snow was gone. This just left bleak brown plant life that did not express beauty to me. I did take a few shots here and there but nothing really excited me and I just could not over come my disappointment that what I envisioned covered in snow was now just dead wet brown plants. Oh year I will give it a go a little earlier.

Instead of making it a complete loss, I decided to make John and his daughter models for a day. What better location than one of natural wonders of the world.

John and his Daughter

Here a few shots a took of Yosemite's scenery. No matter how disappointed I was that the snow was gone, this area of the world is just simply gorgeous and will always be one of my favorites places to visit.

Valley Floor with an almost full moon

Mirror Lake

One of the feeders for the Merced River

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