Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Big 30

My best bud Stace enjoyed her big 30 year old Birthday bash at Medjool's of San Francisco.

As popular as Stace is, I was a little overwhelmed by how many people were crowded in a fairly small space. I am definitely not good in crowded loud bar/club scenes. But, I have to admit, I had a great time. Stace has an extremely diverse bunch of friends that come from all parts of the world. I enjoyed myself throughly talking and listening to the life stories of these very impressive collection of young driven and optimistic group of people.

In hind sight, it is quite funny that i thought I was going to Stace's party as a huge favor to her. As it turned out, she did me the favor by allowing me attend such an event with such interesting guests. Forgive me Stace for doubting your ability to attract such talented fascinating people. I should of known better to ever question your tastes in diversity and your continual ability to surround yourself with such amazing people.

Happy Birthday Stace, enjoy the decade of your 30's. May you accomplish your goals and enjoy your successes that are so evident.

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Stacey Fang 方芃筑 said...

Dear Danny, it meant a tremedous amount to me that you came to my party and honored my request to be the ambassador :) You always have a talent to bring life to the party, while I say "thank you" to your kind comment, let me add that it is also my honor to be your friend!
30 rocks! I can't wait to be 40!