Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Monterey, the Aquarium and "NO CF CARD"

After April shared her pictures from the trip to the Monterey Aquarium while explaining that the "Living Art Jelly's" exhibit was leaving in Sept, I became motivated to get off my butt and into gear to take the two-hour drive south to see this widely talked about and highly praised exhibit.

All was going very well that morning. Got the kids out of the house to their Grandma's for the day, packed the camera gear with a new crumpler backpack to try for the first time and a full thermos of coffee.

I remember asking myself, "Now what am I forgetting? hmmmm....oh well never mind, I have my camera and that is all I really need."

As I parked the car and grabbed my new crumpler pack I was getting pretty excited. I walked the four or five blocks along Cannery Row and was amazed how crowded it was. When i finally entered the Aquarium, I headed straight to the Jellies.

As soon as I walked into the Jelly exhibit, I was hit with a very cool, round, full 360-degree ceiling of anchovies swinging around as if on a race track. I wanted to try and shoot the ceiling using my fish-eye, no pun intended, but as i was adjusting the camera settings, I realized it did not have any CF cards loaded in it.

This camera has two CF slots and like a dumb a**, I left the CF cards on my computer at home from the last wedding I did the week before. To make my heart jump even more, all my spare CF cards are in my old camera back pack which I had not yet transferred with all the other extra stuff that I usually carry around.

I cannot tell you what a sinking feeling I had. I was feeling pretty low but I did have high hopes that such a tourist town would sell CF cards somewhere. I searched for two hours but only found one card which had only 512 MB memory, or enough for 68 shots for my particular camera.

Since time was running out on me and I only had a few hours before the aquarium closed, I had to shoot as though I had film. No wasting shots; preplan and just do what I should always do. Compose the shot, adjust for amount of light and DOF that I want and start shooting away. As it turned out, I only used about 50 shots.

Ok, enough of the long story and onto the pictures.

Sea Nettle Jelly

Crystal Jelly

Egg-Yolk Jelly

Moon Jelly

Spotted Jelly

If those Jelly's weren't enough, as I was walking from exhibit to exhibit, I found the Giant Octopus putting on quite a show. It was so crowded by this guys tank, I had a very hard time trying to get in for a couple of shots.

She would turn bright red when she was done entertaining us as if she was angry. She zoomed back into his hiding place while looking very fierce. I know she has my respect and total fear if I came face to face in the water with her. I was amazed how fast and agile they can move when willing. Simple awesome.

Here are some Misc guys that I thought needed some props as well

I think this post is long enough, so i will post the creatures I was able to capture outside of the Aquarium in part 2.

Thank you for taking a look and I hope I inspired some of you to go to Monterey before Sept 14th to capture the most beautiful display of Jelly's i have ever seen before they are gone. They are truly awe-inspiring.

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