Saturday, May 10, 2008

Irony Photo Contest
The photo club at work sends out themes once a month to try to stretch our imaginations in directions that we normally do not do. It is great fun to be able to try to figure out particular shots that would fall into a theme. If ones gets too fancy, the viewer may not catch on. If one makes it too easy, the viewer is bored. One has to fall into that area of clever but not arrogant. At the end of the month, everyone votes in the winner. The winner picks gets the honor to pick the next theme.

Our club theme for this month was Irony. My all time favorite ironic symbols seem to stem from graveyards. Why??? I always thought it was very weird to spend a ton of money for a head stone, crypt, mausoleum and/or plot of land for the benefit of the living to remember the dead by. In itself, to me at least, graveyards are ironic.

Here are a few pictures I took for the irony theme;

The picture below I think i was trying to be too clever. I do not think many will understand the humor as I did. But hopefully a few of you will spot its irony

The rest of the pictures below have nothing to do with the theme project. They are just images I saw that I thought were interesting.

Well, there was my irony project of the month with a few pics thrown in for filler. Hope you enjoyed them

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