Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Junk Yard Journey
I realize this topic is not as glamorous as say Hawaii but then again, I am a little off kilter in that way.

I found this place by accident when I was actually trying to find a house I was suppose to take a picture of for a friend. I got a little lost on the back roads and ended up running into a junk yard for trains. These trains supposedly come here to get worked on by hobbyist of Niles Canyon Railway Club.

The place did have a fence surrounding it but it was open so i helped myself in. I do not always make the smartest decisions when I want to take pictures of something that is a little sketchy. This statement was obvious when two dogs started to run towards me while showing off their barking abilities. I whipped out my camera to document the mauling that was about to happen for a future youtube special. Instead, the dogs stopped barking and started to pose for me. They were more interested in my camera then me. It is a good thing dogs vanity is stronger then their guard duty loyalties.

Once the dogs went away, I carried on to the train yard and here are a few of my picks.

This maybe some PP fun but i did wonder what it must look like when a train was moving when I was laying on the tracks.

It almost seems sad to me that these were once such powerful machines. Now the are just huge planters for weeds. I guess it is just the full circle of life.

Besides the awesome experience of climbing all over and under the trains like a little kid, I also took some pics of the surrounding area which was very peaceful and sublime.

So there was a little exploit of my Junk Yard journey. I hope this will inspire at least one person to go out and find some junk to take pictures of.

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