Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sitka's Raptors and Bears

Most of the workshop participants were flying home on this day but some of us were lucky enough to enjoy a few more days. One of the participants staying for another day was Chris. She and I decided to share a cab ride and go visit the raptor center and the forest of the bears.

The raptor center is to help those unfortunate raptors that get in the way of those pesky human elements like cars or even bullets. Aren't humans great.

The forest of the bears was next on our list of activities. An odd place since it was built using old very large vats that once was used to manufacture pulp. There were three of these very large vats that housed several bears that have been rescued and now being treated before being released to a variety of zoos through out the country. This little non-profit place is doing a lot of good for those local brown bears that would otherwise be left for dead.

They just received three orphaned cubs. The mother bear was killed by once again those great humans that just wanted her hide.

Cubs doing what they do best....playing

They also had some full size brown bear. Man these guys are HUGE. Just check out those claws. I see how one swipe with those can kill a person or rip a door off a car.

As all of you probably are....this guy was getting tired of bear shots. I think I gave him a head ache :-D

Next was something unexpected and very special....stay tuned

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