Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sitka part 4

Dan showed of his back yard to us which is acres of bog and forests. I really need to have a summer home in Sitka with spreads like Dans. The bog is full of picture opportunities and a great place for a macro lens. Did I mention it is the one lens I left at home :-(. No bother, I used my 70-200mm and snapped off a few shots.

I think Dan's "yellow" lab had the most fun diving into the mud ponds chasing sticks. I do admit, I had a blast watching this girl having fun. It reminded me of my never say quit to playing fetch yellow lab at home.

Dan also brought us to an overlook. While we were driving up the mountain I had severe doubts that there was anything to take pictures of since the higher we got the thicker the fog was. Lesson learned...never doubt a local that has shot this area for over 30 years ;-). I loved the location he brought us to. It was just such a surreal place with the foliage and fog mixed together.

....And super yummy salmon berries

This was either Marc or Fred taking a shot in the mist. It was just too thick to see who was who.

Every once in awhile a clear spot would pass us through the clouds to show off some beautiful scenery.

The last night of the workshop Dan and his wife Janet spoiled us with a super meal. Surf and turf with some outstanding hors d'oeuvres.

Please pardon the iphone pictures but it was the only camera I had at the time. :-D

I think I ate at least three crabs that good

This may have been the last night of the workshop but I had a few days of pure joy still left in Sitka.....stay tuned

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