Thursday, July 8, 2010

Trying but did not suceed

For a long time I envisioned a pano of San Francisco's Skyline from a somewhat unique perspective. Last week I went out with my photo friend Steph from Schmootography to try and capture this elusive shoot that I just can not seem to let go of until I have captured it the way I have envisioned it. Unfortunately I failed once more but this failure will not distract me from trying to go out once more to try again.

First a few shots that I captured on the same day that I DO like.

This shot was taken from Treasure Island. We were on Treasure Island to visit an old friend of mine that runs a photography studio there. If you are ever in the need for a professional studio shot or shots, Eliot's studio is the place to go. Check out his site....390inc. He has a very nice studio setup that can handle any modeling shots or portraits that one can need.

When we made it to the location I want to shot my pano, we had some time to shot other cool scenes. This one is a shot of the new and old Bay Bridge with a ship container crane taken while we waited for the sun to drop and hopefully light up the city in wondrous Dusk colors.

Finally the sun was down, the clarity seemed to be ok and the colors started to show themselves. The bad part was the wind was strong, the haze was thicker than I thought and the colors just did not turn the way I hoped. The result was a city skyline that did not come out as sharp as I wanted and the colors were just not there. Oh well.....Next time

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