Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Lemans @ Laguna Seca

This was my first experience going to a Lamans race. My brother in law and father took me as a way for the men to bond in a day of a testosterone rush. Nothing like feeling the vibration of lean mean machines racing by you topping 100 MPH. The noise is so loud, one must wear ear plugs or endure the awful ringing in your ears for the next week.

I have to admit, I haven't really ever understood the whole waste of money it takes to support a race car. The popularity was obvious when they allowed all of us to enter the pits to see the cars up close. I could barely walk around without being shoved in one direction or the other.

It was clear that these race car drivers are heavily admired since the lines to get an autograph was at least 50 people deep with some of the drivers. Even Helio from dancing with the stars had a huge following.

As we walked around the areas where the cars are displayed and worked on, I found the perfect vehicle that suited my speed.

I started to really admire the engines that these vehicles displayed. What I wouldn't give to just try out what the torque feels like in one of these engine packed vehicles. I was starting to get the whole gist of why this sport is so popular.

I thought this was soooo European. I guy smoking while working on some modifications to a hood spoiler.

Here are just some random pics of the cars actually racing.

Well there it is. My day at the races with some pics of day I ended up truly enjoying. I must thank my brother in law for taking me to the races to understand why these drivers and machines are so popular and such a huge part of our countries past time.

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