Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Last week I finally met Skippy (Maxine). Most of you know her as the moderator of Holy Macro & Other Cool Shots on DGrin. April asked if I was free to take Skippy to the SF zoo and other areas of the city for some photo-shooting since she herself had to work :-(.

First off, let me tell you what a privilege it was to meet Skippy. Not only is she a great photographer in her own right, she is damn fun to hang out with. If she ever comes back, hopefully I will get to shot with her again.

Quick peek at Skippy in her photo taking mode. Funny thing was I never really saw her face. It was always behind the camera:

Here are a few of the shots I managed to get in at the zoo.
First the bigger mammals:

Here are some of the smaller mammals we saw:

We were also able to capture some bird shots as well. These birds were hurt in the wild and brought here to recoup.

So there you have it. Some shots taken at the SF Zoo with one of the nicest photo walk partners one could have. Thanks Skippy for a great day and hopefully when you come back, we can head down the coast to capture the real thing in their own elements

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