Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Meet the Doc

2 years ago my best bud Stace convinced me to try out Traditional Chinese medicine to help out my high blood pressure and some other internal problems I had from years of dietary abuse.

Even with my severe doubts, I was still willing to try it out even if it was just to get Stace off my back. I did not know what to expect and I surely did not know I was going to be stuck like a pig with dozens of needles. If that wasn't bad enough, Dr. Wu sent me home with 14 individual bags of vegetation that I was suppose to seep in water and drink on a daily basis for two weeks. This stuff tasted horrible. I was told that eventually i would get used to the taste. Well, to this day that has not been the truth.

To my surprise, within a month, two sessions of acupunture and 28 bags of yuck my blood pressure had dropped low enough to stop taking my meds. 2 years later and a few sessions every other month, my blood pressure is still at normal levels and some of my other ailments have subsided.

Do I believe in this ancient medical practice, so far I do

A little composition a made up while waiting for my appointment

Dr Wu with Stace

Mrs Wu "the real boss" with Stace

Mrs Bi "the pharmacist" with a patient

Dr Bi & Mrs Bi, Dr Bi was a practicing western medicine before making the decision to study under one of the great Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners Dr. Andrew Wu

From a doubter to a believer, who would of thunk.

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