Saturday, January 2, 2010

Bringing in the New Year

This New Year was a special one. I was able to spend it with two High School friends and their families. This was the first time we have been together since those glorious High School years. Our bodies may have changed, our hair may have thinned out but our friendship snapped right into place when we all were together. It was a wonderful and indelible memory to start off the New Year.

We first grubbed on special plates brought in by everyone. The food was fantastic and enjoyed by all. I even was able to come away with some yummy recipes from Gerald our celebrity chef.

A group shot within a very small space

High School Buds: Me, Gerald and Joey

Gerlad's Wife Cheryl was the master of balloon twisting. She made very cool animals, hats...etc. This kept the kids busy and very happy.

My Family: Isabel, Declan, Theresa and Eva

Isabel Bringing in the New Year with her noise maker

Declan making a toy out of the Snowman decoration

Gerald's Family: Cheryl, Gerald and Claire

Joey, his Wife Mimi and El Gato

Joey with his mom Trudie

Joey's sister's family: Geovanny, Laura and Jasmine

Thank you Gerald and Joey for sharing your families and the long over due reunion. Until next time, Happy New Year!!!

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