Saturday, December 12, 2009

Snake Charmer

A co-worker told me he had a few snakes. Knowing how much I love to take pics, he allowed me to set up a time to come over and snap a few shots. I did not know what to expect except that none of the snakes were poisonous and I have a deep phobia towards the legless creatures.

When I arrived to his house, I was surprised at the room where the snakes were housed. Not only was the entire room dedicated for the snakes but there were more than 50 of them. The room was kept at a constant sweltering temp of 85deg with 90% humidity compared to the current outside temp of 40deg with a brisk cold breeze.

The snake charmer, Mike, explained each species to me as he took them out of their habitats but unfortunately I started to loose track of the names since there were so many. I will add the proper names as soon as I communicate with Mike next week.

In the beginning of the session, Mike understanding my phobia, held the snakes until I was able to get over my snake phobia before allowing them to slither freely.

Mike w/Kahl Albino Red Tail Boa

Dumeril's Boa

Normal Ball Python

Brazilian Rainbow Boa

Brazilian Rainbow Boa

This last little guy kept lunging at me with a hideous hissing noise. Good thing these guys are non-poisonous but it still did not help my phobia in the least.

Reverse Stripped Red Tail Boa

The rest are just a variety of different shots I took of these beautiful creatures. This time, Mike allowed the snakes to roam freely.

Hypo Red Tail Boa

Sharp Albino Red Tail Boa

Brazilian Rainbow Boa

Jungle Carpet Python

Bumble Bee Ball Python

Pastel Ball & Spider Ball Pythons

Diamond Python

Ghost sonoran Gopher snake

Pin Stripped Ball Python

Albino Ball Python

Bumble Bee Ball Python

Kahl Albino Red Tail Boa

Sharp Albino Red Tail Boa

By the end of our session, I had my fill of snakes and my phobia seemed to calm down a bit but I am still uncomfortable holding them. Maybe next time.....or not.

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