Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Capital Reef National Park, Utah ~ Day 5 & Last Day 6

Whewww!!!! It has been a great trip so far but what to come was even more awesome. Today we slept in until 7am.....yipeeee. It was good to catch up on our rest since it will be my last good rest until we head home on day 7.

The Hondoo Guides, Pat and this time Rodger, took us to their sanctuary in the Red Canyon at the San Rafael Swell. We were going to camp under the stars tonight. The Drive going to the swell was very underwhelming compared to the scenery that I had become accustomed to in Capital Reef National Park. It was baron and colourless.

The only bit of colour we saw was a patch of Aspen trees just off the road. As photographers would have it, we stopped to snap a shot.

Aspens with a star

After an hour or so of driving, we entered Red Canyon and the scenery changed dramatically. The rock formations were very interesting and the colours were outstanding. This area's history is that of Uranium Ore mining. With the bright coloured green rocks I have no doubt that we all will have a little glow to us when we head back home.

We stopped along the dirt road next to a very old stable to eat lunch. Since our breakfast was so huge and I was feeling very guilty about the amounts of food I have consumed on this trip, I decided to walk around a bit to shoot some shots instead. Sarah was kind enough to walk with me so I would not get lost.

I have a horrible sense of direction and our conversations always started with me asking, "didn't we come from this way?" with Sarah politely and probably fully irritated with my lack of awareness, saying "I do not believe so, I am sure we came from this direction." Of course she was always right. Thanks Sarah for keeping an eye on me, My family surely appreciates it.

The colors were beautiful but the light sucked to be able to capture them. This was a great excuse to break out the IR camera and shoot some scenery of this very cool landscape that had great rock formations and IR's best friend, cloudy skies.

Once we arrived at the camp site we split up who will sleep in which tent. Andy smartly volunteered to share a tent with me. I am sure it was to keep me away from the other paying guests so the chances of having them as returning photo workshop participants increase ten fold.

Before going on with this story, I really have to tell you how great the Hondoo Guides set up the campsite; The tents were of very high quality. We each had a low profile sleeping cot with an air pad. A very warm fleeced line sleeping bag and as many blankets as one needed for that little extra warmth. A convenient potty(very important) close to camp. The food was very good and the breakfast was especially yummy with peach pancakes, yogurt, granola, oatmeal, bacon, coffee and tea for me.

While at camp I took a few shots but I was more interested in hanging around the camp fire and shooting the sh*t with our group members. We all expressed what we liked about this trip as well as share how we all ended up becoming photographers from Novices to Pros. It was a great bonding experience and a great way to end our week long trip.

Before Dinner, Dave Porter told us that he found a lizard in his bedding. Since I am an animal freak and love to capture at least one wildlife shot on this trip, I took full advantage of this seemingly rare situation during this part of the season.

My one pic of wildlife on this trip, a Young 3" Northern Plateau Lizard...wahoooo

A shot I took while I was putzing around at the camp site.

Hondoo Arch through a separation in a butte near camp

Camp Fire with some yummy coffee

While we were chatting around the camp fire I turned around and saw this tree lit up by the fire.

When my eyes finally settled down from the brightness of the fire, I saw an even better shot that was lit up by the camp fire. It ended up becoming my fav shot of the trip because of so many emotional factors. The trip was in its end, the scene shows our camp view and the beauty of this part of the world, and most importantly to me, I was able to capture it with the skills learned from Marc Muench, Dave Porter and the ever boisterous but with a heart of gold Andy Williams.

Muddy Water Camp Site in Red Canyon at San Rafael Swell.

Thank you for following along with me on this wonderful trip. If you ever had any doubts about going to a Marc Muench Workshop, I hope this little adventure story will push you over that threshold. You will enjoy a week filled with learning and capturing awesome shots while meeting very helpful pros and a few photo hobbyists like myself.


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