Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Trip to Monterey Aquirium

On Sunday I brought my friend April down to Monterey for a very quick visit to the aquarium. Our sole task was to vote for my picture that was picked as one of the finalists for the "World Ocean Day Photo Contest".

Since we were there, we also took a few shots in the Seahorse exhibit. Our last visit we were not very impressed with our efforts in trying to capture these little majestic creatures of the sea. The low light, curved glass, continues moving shadows made it very difficult to capture a clear picture.

This time I used my new 50mm f/1.4 lens to try to gain enough speed to freeze and hopefully capture clearly these little guys. I even boosted my ISO speeds up to 3200 praying the noise levels didn't ruin the pictures.

Here is what i captured in the 30 or so minutes we spent shooting.

Leafy Sea Dragon


Weedy Sea Dragon


Ribbon Pipe Horse

I even got April gazing at these wonderful creatures.

Fingers are still crossed hoping that my picture will make the top three but this little tromp down to the Aquarium with April was worth it no matter where I place in the photo contest. Thank you April for the wonderful day and I hope your pictures came out as you visualized they would.

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