Thursday, May 14, 2009

My HS Alma Mater wins City Championship

I realize the phrase "Alma Mater" is usually reserved for colleges but since I have a lot of pride in the High school I attended and not so much to the colleges I went to, I am using the phrase "Alma Mater" proudly for my Washington Eagles in this post.

Today I was invited by my former classmate Robert to take pictures of George Washington HS Baseball team during the City Championship at AT&T Park. Rob played for Washington during his 4 year tenure and has Coached there for the past 15 years. The Washington Eagles were playing against Galileo Lions.

The game was planned immediately after the Giants vs Nationals game. We were corralled into the right field port walkway to wait for the Giants game to end. It was neat to be able to watch the game fro this vantage point. We also met some local characters that come to watch the games and to socialize.
Once we were let onto the field, I started to feel pretty excited to take pictures of these kids on a professional field. I just got back my D3 camera body from Nikon and was happy to have it back. This camera is a perfect sports camera. It shoots 9 FPS continuously with no delay. I love this camera.

I took some pics before the game to dial in the white balance and exposure settings.

Once the game started I noticed my exposures were all over the place. I was getting very frustrated and finally decided to put the D3 away and go with my back up body the D700. Not nearly as good of a camera but at least I was starting to get some shots.

Even though the Eagles were down by three after the first inning, they screamed back for a 6-4 win to win the City Championship.

Congrats to the City Champs, Washington Eagles, for a great game and giving me the chance to capture it on film.

I will have to post later about what was wrong with my D3. I have to send it back to Nikon with an irate letter requesting a fast fix. I hate when i get back an item from repair not working. It tells me that whoever originally fixed it, never tested it thoroughly and that just chaps my hide.


-april said...

LOVE.LOVE.LOVE. so many things to love.... As a sports shooter, you gave me some things to ponder :-) Thank you for sharing!

Daniel Thorp said...

Thank you for the lovely comment