Sunday, March 22, 2009

Added Pictures From Catalina.

Here are a few more shots from Catalina. I wanted to share as many as I can to convince anyone contemplating on going to Catalina will now know how beaytiful this place really is.

Here is a glimpse of Lion's Head. It is a rare green view of a place that is the color of brown most of the year. The rains we have had these past few months has really brought out the greens.

A shot of Isthmus Harbor. This harbor is really cute once you start to explore the little town of 75 or so that live here.

This shot is only one part of a huge Panoramic I did, 24"x72". The little objects in the water at the bottom are the oil derricks of of long beach coastline. I wish everyone could see how this looks in full pano because this little portion of it just does not do it justice.

Of course I could not end the post without one of the beautiful sunsets we saw during this trip.

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