Friday, January 2, 2009

Finally back on my feet, Literally.

It has been a full two months since I have gone out shooting for pleasure. I truly missed my time away from all my personal responsibilities and the feeling of meditation I receive when I go out and take pictures for fun.

A friend, Caren, that is attending her PhD program in Minneapolis, came home for the holidays. She requested that we meet up to catch up as well as squeeze in a photo walk. Her timing couldn't have been any better. My foot was finally not in need of the boot it called home for the past few months and I was in desperate need for my picture taking fix. Our mutual friend April also joined us in our quest for catching up as well as finding a place to go shooting. I really wanted to go back to Drawbridge but the daylight was running out and April, rightfully so, deterred my reckless ambitions to prevent myself from re-injuring my ankle by walking such long distances. What a good friend she is ;-). We decided to walk to Drawbridge on another visit when my ankle was stronger, Caren's boyfriend Cal could join us and of course when we can start earlier in the day.

After our lovely lunch at a Mexican taqueria, we started our picture taking adventure at a semi-abandoned town called Alviso. We didn't know what to expect since the weather was not cooperating. It was very foggy and cold.

As we drove into town, this was the first building we really noticed. All of our picture radars came on and the picture taking took off with a great subject. Nothing is more exciting to photographers then a dilapidated building with character.

As we walked around the building we ended up on the tracks of Amtrak.

We even had the chance to snap a few of the train as it passed us by

During our little adventure along the tracks, we ended up finding great subjects to shoot. Even with the fog and cold, it seemed to add to my B&W pictures.

As we were walking back to the car, i saw this board across one of the small canals in the marsh. I had the bright idea of doing a mock shot of a famous picture from Henri Cartier-Bresson. Thanks to April's fearlessness from getting wet, my mock shot became a reality.

What fun I had on this day; finally getting out of the house, taking pictures, hanging out with two great friends and of course being able to share it all with you.


Rich said...

Great pics Dan! We should go out shooting sometime.

Daniel Thorp said...

Hey Rich, long time my friend. It would be great to catch up and go shooting with you