Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Festival Day

Last week I took the kids to Festival Day at their school. The Festival is to help raise funds for the different organizations within the school. Each class had their own booth with a carnival style game to play or selling homemade food from cookies and treats to steak sandwiches.

Even though the temperatures were high, well at least for me, we managed to stay in the shade, eat, play fun games and even attempt to climb the great rock wall.

Here are a few pics of the kids:

The Kids are showing off their tickets to get into the Festival and supposedly a prize bag.

One of the booths that the kids did not want to leave was the "spinning art" painting booth. I think they made at least three each with Declan trying to not dump the whole bottle of paint on the paper.

Another favorite booth for the girls was the face painting booth. I do not think Declan liked getting his face painted. It wasn't until after he saw himself with a painted spider on his face that he got excited.

We were able to sneak into the food line before it grew out of control. I even managed to grab about four bottles of water. Did I already mention how freaking hot it was that day.

The last adventure the kids tried was the rock climbing wall. Declan got as far as getting his harness on before he decided that climbing the wall was not for him. The girls did a little better. They made it half way up before they decided that height is a little scary.

My lasting impression of the festival and my favorite was the following picture. When I was watching the girls climbing the great wall, Delcan decided to try and steal a pumpkin so we would have one for home when Halloween came around. He just could not understand why he could not have the one he picked out. He was so proud and excited about his pumpkin, I hated to tell him he couldn't have it. The disappointed look on his face was timeless and something I will not forget anytime soon. I wish I had captured that look on the camera but I was too busy trying to comfort him.


-april said...

you have such beautiful kids!

Daniel Thorp said...

thank you my friend. They are great kids. Well..most of the time :-D