Tuesday, September 9, 2008

An hour of meditation.

Photography is my meditation. If I have problems or my mind is full of clutter, photography does a great job clearing all that. Even though I only had an hour and the temps were hanging around 100 deg, I had to clear my mind and photography is the best way.

The zoo for me is an almost guarantee place to relax and get some photos. But today was a little different. The temperatures were a little high for me and the animals were doing there best to stay cool which usually means out of sight.

To avoid the heat, I decided to sit in the shade in front of the giraffes and just observe. During my observing, I witnessed some funny sights. Here are just a few:

Practicing the art of Kissing.

Even the vulture needed to find shade no matter how dangerous it seemed.

The art of picking one's nose when you do not have hands.

Here are a few pictures I took while I was walking out of the zoo. Must be nice just to hang out all day ;-). Ok, that was a little bad humor on my part.

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