Friday, July 18, 2008

Aikido pt 2

After my brief introduction to Aikido last week, I went back to take more picks of the Aikido demo for a photo class I am teaching next. The Sensei was pretty clear about not taking pictures during the training session but he had no problems with me taking pictures afterwards.

I first took some individual shots for their Dojo Black Belt member's picture board

Dave 3rd dan

Yuk Lung 1st dan

Steven 3rd dan

Lexter 1st dan

not everyone wanted a serious picture

My Fav, Dat 1st Dan

On to the Demo.
They performed a variety of different throws. All of the demo's were done at full speed. I love watching how little effort by the thrower caused such dramatic results to the person getting thrown. Ouch.....

Well, there ya have it. My attempt to capture some very cool demo's of Aikido throws.

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